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Resonance and the Dissolution of Space: A Conversation with Carol Prusa

Carol Prusa creates labor-intensive and stunningly detailed works of art in her Boca Raton home studio. To view her work is to glimpse the breathtaking expanse of the cosmos, rendered in ethereal monochromatic silvers, grays, whites and blacks.  Time slows when viewing Prusa’s work where rhythmic silverpoint hatching gives way to vast, fluid expanses of space, ocean and intestine. Her work is an otherworldly siren that mesmerizes, seduces—even pulsates.

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Cell Phone Towers, Swamps and Woolly Mammoths: A Conversation with Jill Lavetsky

It’s tempting to write that visual artist Jill Lavetsky sleeps in a partially buried room in the ground—that the roof of her bedroom is carpeted with vines and lilies in bloom, that this oddly rustic suburban situation somehow summarizes her life as an unconventional artist. One might even write that her sinkhole of a bedroom serves as a metaphor for her moody graphite drawings; but, that would miss the mark.

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